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Forklift Drivers for Hire on short and long term Contracts.

Alika Investments has well qualified Forklift Drivers Operators for hire. IMG-20160620-WA0000
They managed by us and we Service Local and International Market (You save on administration)

We will supply your company any amount of operators you require.

Students trained with us will be real investments to your company

We teach students the value of productivity and to use their strengths with highly practical skills, if you’re looking for employee make us your number one destination.

We will forward you the CV of those around your area and who excelled during training. Many of our students NOT ALL do not have experiences; they are freshly trained and are ready to work even under interneship to gain experience.

Since we predict that the salary of a freshly trained person can be affordable by any employer, we request you to be patient with them. At times they might even be nervous during the interviews but by the time we are passing them out. We are very much confident in them so we highly recommend them.

  • We shall link you up with your employees immediately or as soon as we can.

Agencies & Employers Find talent from our database.
Contact us Now stating Skill set required and Number of Candidates

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