Artesian & Skills Training Academy

Boiler making, Rigging, Pipe Fitting, Bricklaying, Building & Construction. Electrical Carpentry, Plumbing Welding TrainingPainting. Welding C02, Arc, Aluminum Argon, Gas cutting and welding, Air con & Refrigeration and Sheet Metal. Health & safety, Basic Fire fighting, Transportation of dangerous goods, Scaffoldings elector and Inspection

Course Description Price Duration Enrollment
Boilermaker Basic  R.7,000.00  4 weeks Enroll Now
Sheet Metal Work   R.8000.00 Enroll Now
Bricklaying  R.6500.00  3 weeks Enroll Now
Building & Construction  R.18000.00  12 weeks  Enroll Now
Carpentry  R.6500.00  Enroll Now
Electrical Basic  R.8000.00  4 weeks  Enroll Now
Electrical Advanced  R.24000.00  12 weeks  Enroll Now
Plumbing Basic  R.7500.00  4 weeks  Enroll Now
Aircon & Refrigerating   R.8500.00  4 weeks  Enroll Now
Rigging Advanced  R.4000.00  5 days  Enroll Now
Pipe Fitting Basic   R.8000.00 4 weeks  Enroll Now
Health & safety  R.4000.00 5 day  Enroll Now
Basic Fire fighting   R.1500.00 (1 day)  Enroll Now
Transportation of dangerous goods R.2500.00 (1 day)  Enroll Now
Scaffoldings elector and Inspection R.4500.00  5 days  Enroll Now

Welding Training

Arc Metal Welding   R.5000.00  15 day Enroll Now
C02 Welding  Basic R.6500.00  4 Weeks Enroll Now
 Argon R.6500.00  15 days Enroll Now
Aluminium with
C02 or Argon
 R.6500.00  15 days Enroll Now
 Fluxcor Welder  R.6500.00  15 days Enroll Now
 Cutting Torch  R.2500.00  3 days Enroll Now
 Gas cutting and Welding   R.7000.00 4 weeks Enroll Now
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